Jacque Parsley

Using the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life, including a myriad of found objects, artifacts, ephemera, and vintage printed matter, I present an iconography that creates a dialogue between the permanent and the transient.

As Kurt Schwitters said, “The waste of the world becomes my art”.

As a child I embroidered, wove potholders, collected charms and played with paperdolls.  The influence of the fond memories have been integrated into my art by means of collage, assemblage and embellishment.

Strange juxtaposition and irreverent combinations of objects and images add to the intrigue.

I have introduced paint, dyes, oil pastels, humor and text to expand my freedom of expression.

Each work reflects a partly told tale, a moment in time that gives a nostalgic visual narrative of memories that have been recycled, and a past that has been reinterpreted.

These shrines to unknown individuals have a karma that is still unfolding to create new paradigm.

“A pair of socks is not less suitable to make a painting than with wood, nails, turpentine, oil and fabric”. Robert Rauschenberg.